At Blue Planet we want to make your life easier. We are able to provide documentation on disk or on paper for update or modification, the project may demand a detailed briefing, regular meetings and updated, or a site survey may be required. Simply tell us what you need and we'll do the rest.

For your convenience, all our documentation can be supplied:

  • As a hard/paper copy
  • On CD
  • USB flash drive
  • By email

Your company's logo and contact details can be shown on all documentation.

As a company, we strive to deliver services that work in the real world. We have a number of policies in place that summarise our attitudes to and acknowledge our obligations on a number of key issues.

  • Customer care charter
  • Quality policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Plain English policy
  • Diversity policy
  • Health and safety policy
  • Designer's policy

A summary of the above policies follows.

Customer Care Charter

Customer care is important to everyone at Blue Planet. We undertake to:

  • Ensure our staff are trained and competent to deliver our services
  • Ensure every client is treated with respect, courtesy and understanding
  • Provide different ways for our clients to contact us and access the help they need. We will provide an accessible service, and be welcoming, friendly and approachable at all times
  • We will provide a detailed written quotation for all works within three days of receiving an enquiry
  • We will not proceed with agreed work until we receive a written order confirmation from the client
  • Be honest about what we can do and what we can't and point people in the right direction if we are unable to help
  • Treat client confidentiality with the highest respect
  • Be receptive and responsive to customer feedback - positive and negative customer complaints will always be followed up.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Blue Planet to place quality at the forefront of everything we do. This policy forms the basis for our quality strategy and is binding on all employees.

  • Blue Planet is committed to exceeding customer expectations in all areas of our business.
  • We strive to provide a service that is of a consistently high quality by focusing on the needs of the customer
  • We will continue to develop new products and services and to improve the services we currently offer, through dialogue with our customers and continuous monitoring of our output
  • We will listen carefully to the needs of our customers in order to provide business solutions that exactly match their requirements
  • We will endeavour to find the most practical, cost effective solutions of our clients.

The management of the company is committed to this policy and will provide the leadership, resources and training to support it.

Diversity Policy

Blue Planet aims to be an equal opportunities employer, and has a policy for this purpose.

This policy covers all aspects of employment, from vacancy advertising, selection recruitment and training to conditions of service and reasons for termination of employment.
This is our commitment:

  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued
  • Every employee is entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
  • Training, development and progression opportunities are open to our staff
  • Equality in the workplace is good management practice and makes sound business sense
  • We will review all our employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness.

Blue Planet's Diversity Policy, and the measures to implement it, have been devised on the basis of advice from relevant bodies, including the Commission for Racial Equality and the Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS).

Environmental Policy

The aim of Blue Planet's Environmental policy is to encourage staff at all levels to help to improve the Company's environmental performance. The policy will be subject to revision as the result of factors such as environmental and other legislation, customer and supplier demand, product development, new information and charges in working practices.

By developing this policy, it is the company's intention to make clear our commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental performance, preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of our business activities.

We will at all times strive to act in accordance with relevant environmental legislation, codes of practice and regulations, regarding these as setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

Plain English Policy

It is our policy that all written communications from Blue Planet Consulting Ltd are produced in plain English. Therefore:

  • We will communicate as clearly as possible using language that is clear, helpful and polite
  • We will produce documentation in a form that is clear and easy to navigate so that it is easy to understand
  • We will avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, jargon and technical terms unless these are appropriate to the project
  • We will keep our communications as brief and as informative as possible.

Health and Safety Policy

Acknowledging our responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974, we are committed to the highest possible standards of health and safety, both for our staff and for our clients, and we have a written Health and Safety Policy in place for this purpose.
For full details of any of our policies, contact Blue Planet.

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