Other Services

Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force on 1st October 2006.

The fire safety rules affect all business premises.
If you are:

  • Responsible for business premises.
  • An employer.
  • Self-employed or a contractor with premises.

Then you need to act by:

  • Carrying out a fire risk assessment.
  • Reducing the risk of fire and provide fire precautions.
  • Making sure materials are properly stored.
  • Creating an emergency plan.

We can help you to fulfill your legal obligations, and train your staff to react in a safe manner, in the even of any emergency.

Condition Surveys

Best practice planned preventative maintenance schedules require the adoption of auditable and measurable practices and record keeping. We will survey your mechanical and electrical plant with a view to ongoing replacement costs, and supply a detailed report, including photographs, together with recommendations and advice on statutory testing requirements and other matters, where appropriate. We can also set up a record keeping system on your behalf, for update by your maintenance team.


"SMB Construction have always found Blue Planet to be very knowledgeable of their product and market. They are extremely accommodating and always endeavour to assist and offer a solution to any problems you may have. We would certainly highly recommend them to any company requiring of their services ".

- SMB Construction

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