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Blue Planet provides a range of technical support services for business clients in the construction, project management, facilities management and data centre industries. The technical services provided include building services electrical design, project management, data centre design, timing plans, AutoCAD as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, health and safety management, risk assessments and method statements, ensuring compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, building services testing and commissioning and almost any other form of documentation required.

For construction and building services projects to be successfully completed they need to be effectively managed. Blue Planet Consulting Limited can provide a complete project management service or can supplement the client's existing project management organisation. From conceptual design to detailed design, construction phase project management and the provision of the operation and maintenance as-built documentation and drawings, Blue Planet can ensure the project is professionally managed and handed to the client upon completion. Effective hand-over also contains essential health and safety information which is also a health and safety requirement upon completion of construction projects.

To help you manage your costs, we always supply a written quotation. We will work on a lump-sum fixed price or invoice by the hour or day, as agreed.

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