Data Centres

Data Centres are special environments that require particular skills. We have 20+ years experience of designing, installing, surveying, managing, operating, maintaining and upgrading the mechanical and electrical plant that keeps data centres functioning.

Our Experience Includes:

  • The design of the building services for new data centres.
  • The project management of the replacement and upgrade of building services in existing data centres during normal business operations.
  • Facilities management including the provision of operation and maintenance manuals and as-built drawings.
  • The provision of operational procedures and the review of the existing arrangements.
  • Environmental management systems.
  • Fire alarm systems.
  • High voltage electrical distribution.
  • Fire extinguishing systems.
  • Power and data cabling infrastructure.
  • Access control and closed circuit television systems.
  • Physical security requirements.
  • Operational requirements.
  • Ventilation and cooling systems.
  • Diesel generators.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Building management systems.
  • Interlocking and switching arrangements.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Low voltage electrical distribution.
  • Plant control panels and power distribution units
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
  • Knowledge of resilience requirements, whether they be N+N, N+2 or N+1 and analysis of new and existing designs to verify the resilience arrangements achieved.
  • For more information on data centre consulting click here
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